As trustees of Kennet Valley Driving Group we have today reached the decision not to euthanise Perrine, and instead to find a suitable long-term home for her.

Our original decision was not made lightly, and throughout this whole process we have always had the care of Perrine uppermost in our thoughts. Alongside this, we have had to consider the safety of people around her. We cannot rehome her without the assurance that her behavioural issues will be understood and managed appropriately for the rest of her life.

With the support of RDA UK, we have been able to develop a plan for Perrine’s long-term care and responsible ownership, which will ensure she is looked after with kindness and respect of her behavioural needs. We will be meeting to agree the final points of this, but having received several good offers, we feel confident that we will soon find the right home for Perrine, with someone who is willing to acknowledge and manage the risks involved.

We know that considerable efforts have been made to campaign for Perrine in the past two weeks, and this is completely understandable. We are grateful to everyone who has been involved in helping us reach today’s decision, and we look forward to introducing Perrine to her new owners as soon as possible.



As the summer has come to an end and the leaves begin to turn our time on the downs is almost at an end for this year, at least.  As the wind becomes sharper we are moving back down to the shelter of the Kennet Valley and Hillside Farm for the winter months.  We are looking forward to re-discovering the lanes around Lockeridge, Clatford and Manton and the tracks in the West Woods and hope that the winter weather is kind enough to let us keep driving until next spring!