KVDG Horses.


RDA horses are very special and we are fortunate to have three wonderfully calm horses who instill confidence and faith in all who drive them.



Drummer is a twenty two year old Clydesdale cob cross who has been with the group for 10 years.  His laid back personality is a great asset and he gives confidence to new drivers and much pleasure to those who know him. He has taken part in many RDA activities including the regional dressage competition with the group.  He is a firm favourite and much loved by us all!





Sue P with Perrine

Perrine is a twelve year old Comtois mare who came to us directly from France.  She proved a quick learner and was soon familiar with her carriage driving role and English commands!  Comtois are a French draught breed, used for logging, farming, etc. very similar to a Shire or Suffolk Punch she is perfect for pulling our larger four-wheeled carriage.  Her calm temperament is ideal too as there is often a wait while drivers who use wheelchairs are safely secured in the carriage