Summer season

Our summer sojourn on the Marlborough Downs has been, as always, a joy!  We have access to some beautiful countryside with no traffic and are very grateful to the local landowners who allow us to drive on the tracks and fields. We’ve enjoyed the wide open veiws, the wildlife – deer, hares, buzzards, kites, and more – and fortunately plenty of sunshine.  The horses have enjoyed their summer paddock and are happy and healthy.  Drummer is now sporting a very natty fly rug that covers him from ears to tail as the flies were bothering him rather too much, not sure what Perri thinks of his makeover but at least the flies don’t seem to bother her as much.

We will stay there for as long as the weather is kind – once the winter winds start it can be very chilly up there! – before we make the move back down the Hillside and the shelter of the Kennet Valley.